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Fakepilot is not a company. It's director and motion designer Mattias Lindberg's alter ego and personal site. He runs a creative company together with his partner called The International Style.

Mattias knew what he wanted to do when he was 19 years old. He wanted to become one of the best in the world at creating motion for the web.

Flash Forward Winner
Best Motion
Coca Cola M5

FWA Site of the Day
Coca Cola M5

Flash Forward Finalist
Motion Graphics
Sean John

Flash Forward Finalist
Motion Graphics
Bryant Park Hotel

FWA Site of the Day 2002
Sean John

Bombshock Award

Bombshock Award

Plastic Pilot Award

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Fakepilot's graphical profile in Transition
Worlds best pilot in Resumé
Mattias gör filmen flashig in TTela






06 MTV Copenhagen Music Week MTVNE Commercial created by The International Style. Music by TrashCanDogChoir.
06 Sandvik Hilanders Movie created by The International Style. Music by Venetian Snares at Planet-Mu.
06 Nicorette North Kingdom, Otto Idea, storyboard, direction, composition, sound, effects and animation. 3d by Mathias Lindgren. Music by Audiotype.
05 Coca Cola M5 North Kingdom, Armchair Media Motion design and animation. Graphics for the intro animation made by Peter Rentz at Ghava. Graphics for the other 5 animations; The Designers Republic, Caviar, Lobo, MK12 and Rex & Hilton Tennant.
05 Tahiti 6FD, Saatchi & Saatchi Flash animation for the site NYCtoTahitiNonstop.com. Another version for SydneyToTahitiNonstop.com was made. Music by Forss and Plaid. Illustrations by Saatchi & Saatchi.
04 American Needle 6FD Flash introduction for cap and hat making American Needle. Big thanks and respect to Cylob and Astrobotnia for providing us with music. Music by Cylobotnia. Licensed by Rephlex.
04 Beyonce, Tommy Hilfiger 6FD E-card for Beyonce and Tommy Hilfiger's new perfume True Star. Music by Beyonce, sound effects and remix by me.
04 Bryant Park Hotel 6FD Flash intro and creative direction for Bryant Park Hotel in New York. Macromedia Site of the Day, Yahoo Pick of the Day, Favourite Website Award Site of the Day. Music by Forss.
04 Sean John v.2 6FD Flash intro for P. Diddy's clothing brand Sean John. Music provided by Bad Boy Recordings, remixed and scratched by me. End voice by Ghost Face.
04 Cari Lekebusch - Shaded   Music video for Cari Lekebusch feat. Krister. Photo by Sesse Lind. Editing and post-production by me. Caligraphy by Ziggy.
03 Drag-on 6FD Flash intro and site for Drag-On/Virgin Records, DMX's sidekick and a member of the Ruff Ryders. Music provided by Drag-On, edited and remixed by me.
03 Axcent   Cinematic commercial for Axcent. Broadcasted on cinemas in Sweden. Music by Siesta Productions.
03 Mendez - Carnaval Maremma Music video for Mendez. Co-direction, post-production and editing by me. Directed by Daniel Fridell. Photo by Lars Heydecke. Produced by Håkan Schuler.
03 Elin Sigvardsson - Where to Start Maremma Music video for Elin Sigvardsson.
03 Raw Fusion + Union   Video installations for the nightclubs Raw Fusion and Union. Played these during VJ'ing at Berns in Stockholm. Made by me and Leo Norgren.
03 Dive   Music by Telefon Tel Aviv.
02 Justin Timberlake   TV-Spot for Justin Timberlake/Zomba Records.
02 Nick Carter   TV-Spot for Nick Carter/Zomba Records.
02 The President   Flash entry for The Big Shot Design Competition 2002. I won first price. Music by The Dust Brothers.
02 Dave Hollister 6FD Flash intro for Dave Hollister/Motown Records.
02 Magic White Eyes 6FD Flash intro for Magic White Eyes.
02 AZ 6FD Flash intro, animation and web design for AZ/Motown Records.
02 Sean John v.1 6FD Flash intro for P. Diddy's clothing brand Sean John. Music for the old intro created by Idkoda.
02 Fake intro   Flash intro for Fakepilot.com. Music by Skoud and a sample from Refused, edited and remixed by me.
02 DUX   Direction, production, editing and effects. DUX beds wanted a cinematic commercial for the younger generation and gave me free hands. Music by Overseer. Photo by Lars Heydecke. Production management by Lars Ljungbertz.
01 Fakepilot intro   Flash intro. Music by Overseer. Sample from Kid Koala. Sound effects and editing by me.
01 Jacky Mech   Music by Kid Koala.
00 The Spy Bar   Flash intros and flash site for The Spy Bar. One of Swedens most famous nightclubs. Work for Corpguide. Music by Amon Tobin, sound effects by me. Stereolab remix by Autechre in the second intro. Music in the third intro by Idkoda.
99 Corpguide intro   Music by The Propellaheads. End music by Air.
99 The Masters   My first flash intro. Music taken from the Matrix soundtrack.

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